Romsdal Picture Requests

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For Lassina Breviks family in the US

"Downtown" Isfjorden with the parish church at Hen.

For Bernie Shellum

This is the old house at the Kylling Farm at Verma, Rauma. The building was moved to Romsdals Folk Museum in the early eighties to make way for the main road.

For Kris Setnes

The triangel formed by river Rauma and river Istra was Peter Setnes' home.

For Kris Setnes


To Paulette J.

On the nearest shore, just to the right of the headland at Sandnes is Pilhaugen. The valley on the opposite shore is Rødvendalen.

Selseter, the old summer farm at Skorgedalen.
For Duane and Samantha Sogge

The Sogge farm.

The husmannsplass at Soggebrekken
For Donna Olsson

Tresfjorden, the Løvik farm is on the headland on the opposite shore.